Testimonial by Mauricio Moreno Barrington Group.


Hi Paul,


I wanted to thank you for coming and speaking at our Kitchen Leadership course in May 2019. As you were aware, the students are all senior managers within clubs. Most having over 25 years’ experience in the kitchen. Trying to teach theses guys something new and exciting is very hard. The whole reason that I invited you to come in was to show them that if you push yourself to keep learning, be challenged, think different and back yourself…. You can achieve big things.


This is exactly what the students got from your presentation. They were motivated and wanting more, this was the perfect transition into our next module in sustainability and innovation.


Again, thank you for sharing your experiences with the crew.


Kind Regards

Mauricio Moreno
Trainer and Assessor

Barrington Group Australia
Suite 37, 5-7 Anella Ave,
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Testimonial by Phil Kelly Kingscliff Bowling Club.

Paul Rifkin – Testimonial


Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club like a lot of Clubs in NSW was struggling with our Catering operations. Whilst we have great views, great staff & members the Club was finding it difficult to get the mix right in catering. Wages, food costs and menus where all creating issues. In mid-2018 I attended a Club Managers conference and had the pleasure of hearing an industry expert in catering which gave me some hope, following this conference I bought Paul Rifkin on board to provide his expert help.


Chef Paul reviewed our catering operations and provided a very detailed report for the Club to work with and following his presentation of his report, our Club contracted Chef Paul to come on board and work with our team and to get us back on track. Chef Paul’s enthusiasm, knowledge and diligence set us up for a brighter outcome. During this process a number of recommendations where made which we followed through and we then found ourselves looking for a new Executive Chef.


Chef Paul helped the club find and appoint a new Chef and we then started the process of changing our food offerings and culture. Chef Paul not only provided valuable information and support but worked with the Club until the new executive chef was appointed and started in his new role.


Chef Paul ensured the catering department was in good shape when the new chef commenced and he handed over the reins which made the transition very smooth leading into our busy Christmas season. 


Paul Rifkin’s industry knowledge is amazing and his attitude to fixing problems is first class and I know that my club is very grateful for his support and hard work during his few months with us.


Any club that are having issues in your catering, please give consideration to speaking with Paul, his industry knowledge and professional attitude will ease your concerns.


P.L Kelly

General Manager

Kingscliff Beach Bowls Club



Testimonial by Daniel Lazaroo on being mentored.


“I was lucky enough to have Chef Paul Rifkin agree to meet up for a mentoring session when I reached out to him on LinkedIn.

He was gracious, friendly and made me feel comfortable in asking him about the issues I was facing at my venue, as this was the first time I have had experience in a Club environment.

I needed help in the steps to tackle my issues with the board, management and customer perception to achieve the vision and direction my catering manager and I had for the club.

You can instantly tell by the questions he asked and the actionable steps he advised, that he knew and understood my issues and had been in that situation before. I can’t stress enough the value I have got from it and the appreciation to have someone with his knowledge, years of experience and understanding of the whole food and beverage department to agree to mentor me. I look forward to picking his brain more and am grateful for his time.”


Daniel Lazaroo

Executive Chef

Club Southside


Industry Support on Social Media for my skills.

David Younie

Wishing you great success Paul.! You've made a difference to so many people, places and the industry in your past... I have a feeling that with your passion, inspiration and determination this will continue your quest into the future.


Ivan Brewer

It’s so important that the industry can still access your knowledge. And through your consulting you have the opportunity to impact more lives than ever before.


Peter Howard

Paul, you will be sensational at this. What an excellent tool you can be for all parts of this huge industry. You forgot to mention your radio days too. You will be as busy as you want. Congratulations.


Lucy Allon

Congratulations Paul Rifkin you certainly have plenty of experience & expertise to offer


Michael Page

Congratulations Paul sure there’s many people out there that can benefit from your experience and advice all the best


Peter Van Es

Congratulations Paul on the launch. You'd be an awesome mentor with so much experience.


Mark Clayton

Congratulations Paul, the industry needs what you have.


Rick Stephen

All the best with this Paul. Good experience is hard to buy these days.